PSH Business Consultants Inc. is an internationally experienced, locally based consulting firm, with the mission to help your business succeed.

Greetings, my name is Patrick Hundal, CPA, CA, BCom. (International Business), and I founded PSH Business Consultants Inc. PSH is looking to bring its 20 + years of global experience within a variety of industries to southern Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland. Born and raised in Victoria to a working-class family, I am vested in seeing local businesses succeed. Successful businesses translate into positive results for individuals and by extension to the community as a whole.

I’ve worked all over the globe including: Atlanta GA, Tuscaloosa AL, Boston MA, New York NY, Toronto, London UK, Guernsey CI and Melbourne AUS. Over my career, I’ve noticed that each region or industry has certain practices that are better than others. I have recorded these best practices and I can apply them to your company needs.    

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant who articled with a Big 4 Accounting Firm in Vancouver, BC and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria with a concentration in International Business.

experienced in working with all sizes and classes of business

My broad experience can help your specific situation

Business Start-up

Starting your own business can be scary. You have an idea and a passion, but there is always a risk involved of making that passion a reality. We can help guide you through the steps required to start your business and simplify the process along the way.

Private Company

Running a company is not easy. While most are focused on growth, there are times where checks and balances are neglected. Most don’t realize the importance of these checks and balances until there is a downturn and at that point it might be too late to correct course. Net income is not just about increasing Revenue, its about controlling your expenses as well.

Public Sector

Campaigning is easy, governing is hard. Public Sector entities face tough situations as they are held to a higher standard than private companies. Given the spotlight, public sector entities must mitigate their reputation risk to the extent possible.

Owner Managed

As the owner of your business, your primary concern is around budgeting, maintaining, growing and safeguarding your cash. We can put in the necessary steps to ensure that you have strong controls over this most precious asset.

Public Company

Public companies are held to a higher standard and its important to have strong internal controls and procedures to ensure that these standards are met. Executives and Board members face high personal risk in such settings.

Not for Profit

Times are tough for Not for Profits. There is extreme competition for donations and with the current state of the economy, it is that much harder. Not for Profits need to run a tight ship in order to maximize their organizational effectiveness based on funding available.

I've got your solutions

I'm experienced, have technical expertise and interpersonal skills to fit in with your organization

My extensive strength is on implementing and maintaining strong operational and financial  environments. My skillset translates to ensuring best practises are implemented throughout a company.

Fractional CFO/controller services
Strong governance practices
Financial Analysis
Internal controls & P&P
Human Resources