Business Start-up

Starting your own business can be scary. You have an idea and a passion, but there is always a risk involved of making that passion a reality. We can help guide you through the steps required to start your business and simplify the process along the way. 

Business Structure

We will help educate you on the different forms of business structures that are available before you start your business. The three primary forms include: incorporation, proprietorship and partnership. The organization structure selected depends on your needs. This information is all available on the Internet but we can help simplify the information and provide real life examples and other business tips. For example, there is value in adding an Inc., Ltd. Or Corp., to the end of your company name; however, there are higher costs and a lot more paperwork required when you create a corporation.


We can help you complete the necessary forms and other paperwork to ensure your business is in compliance with provincial and federal laws.


We can help you in selecting a domain name (e.g. www) for your company and recommend trusted web site designers to help you create a web site that is optimized to your business.

We can help you select your corporate logo which will be an extension of your identity and provide advice selecting a logo that is tailored to your needs and looks professional.

In addition, we can help you get your business name higher on search engines (such as Google), so potential customers will see your business name when searching for your product or service.


Regardless of the size and nature of your business, you will be dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We can help you in your communications with them and setting up the required accounts (e.g. GST). In addition, we can help you with basic tax advice and provide contact information of trusted tax professionals for more complex issues.

General Consulting

We are happy to answer any questions you have during the start-up process and after your business has commenced. Please refer to the other tabs to view services offered by PSH.